Sewer Pipe Video Inspection & Assessments

Ready to buy a home? Are There Problems in the Sewer Pipe System?

Pacific Northwest Inspections Group offers complete service of sewer pipe video inspection and ground marking location. No longer is the condition of your sewer pipe and what future cost may arise in the drain system. With the use of our video camera we travel through the homes main sewer pipe as far out as 200' to precisely determine its current condition. A sewer pipe inspection gives our clients the peace of mind to know that the buildings pipes are clean or, if there are problems, and prepares them with a complete report which includes the actual video of the inspection.

What Are the Benefits? 

Identifies the condition of your sewer pipes Find Problems BEFORE you own the building/home, this will save money on expensive sewer repair jobs
Locate the exact LOCATION of sewer problems minimize labor cost 

Because Pacific Northwest Inspections Group specializes only in video inspections, our technicians will be able to give you an unbiased third party evaluation of your pipes without the anxiety of a salesman pushing unneeded repairs onto you. Sewer repairs can be an expensive, disruptive and frustrating process. Often minimal root intrusion or minimal pipe offsets are interpreted by some plumbers as cause for expensive re-piping jobs, so it is hard to know who to trust. Using real-time video feeds, our inspection will provide you with the actual condition of your sewer pipes. 

Pacific Northwest Inspections Group does not benefit from pipe replacement job contracts so you can expect an honest and informative professional service. Preventive Maintenance In addition to camera inspection, PNWIG can locate and mark precisely where pipe damage is in a line right on the property so that a plumbing company can provide you with an accurate repair cost estimate, or allowing offending plants to be identified and removed, or repair excavation to commence.

Repair, Replace or Service?

Our sewer line inspection can help determine what is best for conditions found.  In some instances a side sewer line can be so packed with grease,years of accumulated scale, silt, sand, personal care products,sediment and debris that a hydojetter is all that is needed to clean out the line. The hydrojetter blasts water through the line at 3000 psi thus blasting out all debris clearing the whole pipeline clean. Also a hydrojetter is the best way to completely clean out the line getting rid of all contaminants at minimal cost. 

In older construction there were three basic causes for clogged sewers. These were excessive mortar (see first image below) left at soil pipe joints, roots (see second image below) from trees and plants and broken pipes.

Clogged sewers in newer construction are often limited to broken pipes, pipes driven over with heavy construction equipment and poor design or construction installation. Using the wrong fittings during construction or allowing too little slope in the drain run also causes the drain to become clogged. 

Once the sewer line problem has been found, we are able to easily locate the surface position of the problem. Pipes typically do not run in a straight line so we use a location "Sonde". This device sends a signal from the sewer camera which we are then able to track from the surface using our location equipment to precisely mark the point where the repair is needed. We also provides the approximate depth to the pipe. This is vital information that will help you get accurate, comparable estimates for the needed repair.

Within the past few years, all lot of homeowners-insurance carriers have eliminated the sewer line from coverage, exposing owners and buyers to greater liabilities. In a typical sewer, the building "owns" the sewer line all the way to the main sewer line in the street. This means a repair can involve not only digging up the yard, but also the sidewalk and half the street, along with the ensuing municipal permits and inspections. In some cases, municipal crews are the only ones able to perform the street or sidewalk repair, increasing expenses. A $20,000 repair is not unheard of, and costs can exceed this quite often.

Service for : Residential Owners, Buyers, Property Management, Landlords, Commercial Building Owners, Investors

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