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Choosing an Exterior Caulking


Selecting Exterior Caulk

There are several general types of polymer used to manufacture most high-performance caulks: silicones, polyurethanes, latex-acrylics, and solvent-based “block copolymer” synthetic rubbers (which include butyl as well as some of the newer proprietary synthetic formulations).


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Siding Transitions and Flashing

Exterior Siding Details: To divert water away from horizontal siding when vertical siding is used on gable ends, install a transition board with a drip-cap and Z-flashing.

Aesthetically, exterior trim provides a visual transition to define the boundaries of a building. Not so obvious is that exterior trim also serves a primary function to divert water away from vulnerable wall areas.

Siding failure is almost always an installation error.

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Tacoma Smelter Plume Soil Sampling in Seattle

Department of Ecology is managing the clean-up of the Tacoma Smelter Plume. The area is too large to dig up all the contaminated soils. Buying a home or live in King County? Then soil sampling should be on your agenda.

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Wood Rot: The Inconspicuous Threat


  • Wood has become darker, has cracked, and/or is shrinking.
  • Wood has become so soft that you can easily penetrate it with a screwdriver, or possibly even your finger.
  • Growth resembling mushrooms, cobwebs, or cotton has formed on wood surfaces.
  • Floors have areas of discoloration.
  • The air in certain areas of the house smells damp and musty.


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