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The existing sewer line on the Mercer Island was installed in the mid-1950s, and is constructed of asbestos-cement (AC) material. The line has been suffering ongoing pipeline deterioration, capacity deficiencies, and other operation and maintenance problems.
Sewerscope for these Residential homes is recommend.


In an effort to assist the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency in the enforcement of local and federal requirements concerning abatement of asbestos, the City of Mercer Island requires proof of compliance with the regulations relating to abatement of asbestos prior to issuance of a demolition permit.
Federal requirements and local regulations (Regulation III, Article 4, Air Pollution Control Agency) require that an asbestos survey be conducted prior to beginning work on most renovations and on all demolition projects. This required survey must be posted at the work site. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency also requires a Not ice of Intent to Perform a Demolition be filed with the Clean Air Agency before any demolition project may be started. If any asbestos is identified in the work area, it must either be properly abated prior to any work in the area, or not disturbed by the renovation or demolition activities. All asbestos must be properly removed in compliance with the regulations prior to any full demolition of a structure.


Mercer Island Backflow Program

The City of Mercer Island Utility Department is responsible for protecting you from contaminated water. Customer responsibilities for the continued success of this program include obtaining the proper permits for plumbing changes (including new irrigation installation) and receiving inspections of the backflow assembly installation.

After the initial installation and test by the City, the customer is then responsible for annual testing of the backflow assembly by a certified backflow tester. The City maintains a database of the water or irrigation systems that have backflow devices. As required by State law, an annual letter will be distributed requesting an inspection of the backflow device. The annual Test Report form and a link to the State certified backflow testers are provided below.


Trees and Your Landscaping

Tree regulation information click here.


A tree permit is not required in the following limited situations: 

A. Normal pruning and maintenance – does not require a permit provided the pruning is limited to not more than 25% of the tree’s total leaf area and the pruning conforms to the limitations described within the Definitions section at the end of this document. Also, see the “Pruning Basics” brochure for more detailed information about pruning.
B. Small trees – Cutting Small Trees do not require a tree permit unless it meets the definition of Exceptional Tree or is within a Critical Area on your property. Click here to view the Critical Areas map. Insert your address to find your property. Cutting small trees in the shaded areas of the map requires a permit. A small tree is any tree that is less than 10” in diameter measured at a point 4-1/2 feet above the ground and is not an Exceptional Tree as described in the Definitions section at the end of this document.
C. Emergency – A tree on private property may be cut without a tree permit in an emergency situation involving immediate danger to life or property. The City Arborist should be informed of the impending removal and a permit must be applied for within 14 days of the removal. The application shall include documentation of the imminent threat to life or property, ideally in the form of a report by a qualified arborist, but at least in the form of photographs that clearly depict the threat.
A tree permit is required in the following situations: 
A. Construction work (MICC 19.10.060) – A tree permit with full application is required to cut any Large Tree, Exceptional Tree, or tree in a Critical Area as a result of construction work. A Large Tree is any tree that is 10” in diameter or greater measured at a point 4-1/2 feet above the ground.
B. Non-Construction work (MICC 19.10.060) – A tree permit with a simple application is required to cut:
1. Trees 10” in diameter or more, measured at 4-1/2 feet above the ground.
2. Exceptional Trees (refer to definitions section at the end of this document).
3. Trees located in a Critical Area (refer to definitions section at the end of this document).
C. Commercial zone – A tree permit is required to cut any large tree located within a commercial zone. A tree permit covering regulated improvements that have previously received Design Commission approval must first be reviewed and approved by the City’s Design Commission.


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