Testing for Cigarette Smoke

Author: Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, LLC   Date: 25-Nov-2013.   Category: Mold   Add to Favorites 

Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds. It is a known human carcinogen and exposure to secondhand smoke hasbeen definitively linked to cancers, respiratory diseases, and even death. New research is now available declaring that even thirdhand smoke exposure (the smoke that has settled on indoor surfaces) can cause diseases, respiratory illness, and some cancers. People who livewith smokers or people who are exposed to smoking neighbors within adjoining apartments are at greatest risk of developing significant health problems. Now, there is a way to detect whether or not tobacco smoke or the remnants of tobacco smoke are present within a home, apartment, or other living environment. By utilizing proprietary sample collection and analysis methodologies with detection limits in the 0.1 ng/L range, the Tobacco Smoke Check test is able to isolate specific chemical markers that have been determined by recent leading edge research to be present when tobacco is or has been burned. And that makes this test particularly beneficial for: homebuyers who may want to know if the home they are buying contains tobacco smoke; retirement or assisted living centers that want to be certified as "smoke-free"; and hotels that need a way to certify their "non-smoking" rooms. Call our office to schedule air testing in your home or office today! 425.608.9553