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Municipal Codes

Official Codes

Effective July 1, 2008, the state of Washington adopted the codes listed below. It is important that you are familiar with the new International Codes prior to submitting an application in order to avoid unnecessary delays in processing your permit.

The 2012 code went into effect July 1, 2013 
    2012 Washing State Energy Code

Washington State Asbestos Laws

CONTRACTORS!!! Before bidding or starting any construction work, you are required to obtain a written asbestos report from the building owner or owner's agent. The report must be based on a survey by an accredited AHERA building inspector unless the building owner assumes materials in the structure are asbestos or has other convincing documents showing asbestos is not present in the work area. A building owner may know asbestos has been removed during prior work or that a new building has been constructed using materials vertified to be asbestos free. Contractors should have this notification in writing prior to any work.

If you discover suspect asbestos materials, you must report them to the building owner within 24 hours. Asbestos materials may be found in enclosed structures or between other materials, where they are not accessible before work. If materials not listed in the survey then work should stop and the Company that performed the survey needs to be notified. Additional testing will be needed unless the materials are assumed Positive for Asbestos.


State law specifies a minimum $250 per day fine for failure to obtain the asbestos report. This fine can be applied to both the contractor and building owner. Additional fines may be applied if workers are exposed to airborne asbestos.

    • Building owners must have their buildings inspected for asbestos before construction, renovation and demolition activities. Find out more …
    • Construction contractors - Disturbing asbestos materials during construction is a serious hazard. Before bidding or starting any construction work, they must obtain a written asbestos report from the building owner or owner's agent. Find out more ...
    • Asbestos abatement (removal) contractors — anyone handling or removing asbestos in Washington.

    Note to Homeowners:

    You are exempt from the asbestos survey requirements if you are working in your own residence, where you live, and you do the work yourself. If your residence is used for commercial purposes, such as a rental, or home office, or you bring in a contractor, other workers, or volunteers, to do work that disturbs asbestos containing materials, the asbestos removal requirements apply.

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