Preventing Water Leaks / Water Intrusion

Author: Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, LLC   Date: 25-Nov-2013.   Category: Plumbing   Add to Favorites 

Other than just having a high humidity level in the home (due to humid climate), water leaks and other forms of water intrusion into the home or building is the most common reason a toxic black mold problem originates. Below are types of water leaks and places where unwanted water can enter the home, and ways to avoid these types of water intrusion problems. Leaking Pipes: Condensation or rusting on or around a pipe is a sign of a leak. Covering cold surfaces, such as cold water drainpipes, with insulation helps to prevent condensation. The most difficult part of preventing leaking pipes is determining whether or not they are leaking in the first place, since they are normally concealed from view.

Here are some signs to look for:


To prevent water from collecting around the foundation, and seeping up through the walls, make sure the ground slopes away from the foundation. Here are some additional tips in preventing water seepage through the foundation:



Basements/Crawl Spaces

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