Mold and Allergies

Author: Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, LLC   Date: 25-Nov-2013.   Category: Mold   Add to Favorites 

Mold and Asthma

Mold allergies are very common here in the Seattle area. Most people do not even know they have been living with the mold allergy and relate it to a mild cold that stays with them, Main issue we see is mold related asthma. We often see doctors that mis diagnose the relation to mold. 

Sleep Disruption

People with asthma may have disturbed sleep due to their asthma symptoms. Loss of sleep can result in poor mental and physical functioning. 

About half of Washington adults with asthma reported that they had lost sleep during the past month due to asthma symptoms. One in ten had sleep disturbance more than ten days in the past month. 

In comparison to Washington adults, youth were less likely to report any sleep disturbance from asthma. About two-thirds of youth did not report sleep disturbance, but about ten percent had disturbance at least weekly.

Although about 87% of Washington adults have never personally had asthma, a recent national survey suggests that 35% of the population without asthma has at least one household or immediate family member with asthma. Because good asthma control includes changes in home environments and poor asthma control can substantially affect families in terms of lost time at work or school and healthcare costs, people with household or immediate family members that have asthma are affected by the disease. Therefore, we can say that about half the people in Washington are affected by asthma. 

Indoor Air Quality

What are the levels of mold spores in your home? At what levels are you effected by. What are the average levels in your city? Where did you move from and what levels are common there? What is causing the increase of mold spores in your home? Is the cat to blame? Why is the mold in the shower never going away, I clean it every week?

Finding the answers is what we do best. Call us today to schedule one of our certified mold specialist to evaluate your home or office.