Importance of Indoor Air Quality Testing

Author: Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, LLC   Date: 19-Nov-2013.   Category: Mold   Add to Favorites 

You need an indoor air quality testing because not only the outside air might cause problems in your health but the inside gases and particles released by construction activities, perfumes cigarette smoke, microbial growth, insects and much more. There are more factors that might produce issues in your health such as ventilation levels, humidity and indoor temperature.  Due to these facts, it is very important to make an indoor air quality testing as soon as possible in your office or home. An indoor air quality testing will help you prevent the presence of pollutants. It can also remove the source of pollution or reduce the emissions right away. Adjusting gas stoves and asbestos sources, the pollutants will be reduced. This is the most effective way of removing molds and other pollutants, by removing their source. A ventilation improvement is important as well. The more fresh air entering the room the better. Opening the windows or using an air conditioner with the vent control open you can reduce the amount of pollutants in the air. The use of exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom is good if you want to remove pollutants. These devices are very important if you are engaged in painting, cooking or welding.

A VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) is a compound that contains carbon and that is easily vaporized. Among the common VOCs we can mention: methylene chloride, formaldehyde and benzene. VOCs have many health risks but we have found them out recently. They can be found in a lot of products that we use every day: fuels, coatings, polish removers, etc. <

Products with strong chemical smell probably have a lot of VOCs inside them. Office workers are more prone to suffer from VOCs because they work in sealed environments full of devices that emit VOCs. They might suffer from nausea and dizziness. Proper ventilation of your house will reduce the VOCs. Reading the recommendations of the manufacturer about storage is important as well. Any opened paint can might be very dangerous for your health and please leave it well away from others.< If you do not bulk buy VOC containing products you will avoid many problems with your health in the future. Throwing away old paints, stripper and polish removers is a good idea. Please stay away from cigarette smoke, aerosol spray paints, furniture varnishes and adhesives. If you reduce the amount of allergens present in your environment, you will be able to manage allergy symptoms. If you suffer from airborne allergens, the use of an air purifier is great for you.

There are many air purifiers that contain ozone and this might damage your health. These types of devices might produce skin or lung cancer. If you are exposed to large amount of ozone, many asthma symptoms can be worsened. You also need to clean off the plates once per week in any air conditioner. Many air purifiers will reduce the amount dust and smoke in your room.

There are many types of air purifiers and the one you choose will depend on the size of your room. Air purifiers with a HEPA (High Energy Particulate Air) filter can trap the particles that are in the air permanently. Some air purifiers will need to be replaced within 1 or 2 years while other will last up to 10 years. A good air purifier will be quite enough that you do not even notice its activity.<<> Molds can grow on papers, woods, etc. They can cause a lot of problems to your health, especially the toxic ones. But those with respiratory conditions, children, women and the elderly are more prone to suffer from molds. Before removing the mold, you should take a sample to find out whether or not the mold is toxic. The use of a mold test kit is important but you should consult your doctor if you are not sure about what to do.

Your health might be in danger if you do not perform an indoor air quality testing. This is very important because today there are many pollutants. Please stay away from VOC containing products, cigarette smoke, etc. The use of an air purifier with a HEPA filter is very important as well.