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Bellevue Residential Home Inspections

Selling your home?

Stay a step ahead of others on the market with a pre listing inspection. Our pre listing inspections give the seller the knowledge of the integrity of the home with a complete home inspection report. Our listing inspections are developed to provide sellers with the basic items that will appear in a buyers inspection and helps prepare and decrease the risk a buyer may ask for a price reduction due to a finding the seller is unaware of.

New Construction Homes 


The Scheduled Callback

When it comes to serious issues like waterproofing and framing, inspecting it right the first time is crucial. When it comes to annoyances, however, the easiest course may be to schedule a series of inspections ahead of time.

Darren Spencer, a #inspector in Bellevue, WA. with Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, recommends two follow-up quality inspections—one in six months and the other in a year. “During the six-month inspection, we look for anything unusual, like abnormal settling, and address those issues within two weeks,” he says. At the 12-month inspection, he reports of all the cosmetic stuff: “We tell the customers that the home needs to go through a heating and cooling cycle in order to reach equilibrium, then the builders can fix nail pops and such, and they will stay fixed.”

Buyers who want a reduced the number of reported defects, he says, get additional inspections, not only benefits the owner but allow the builders to maintain a high reputation for quality homes : “No one else around here proactively does follow-up quality control inspections, so it really sets home owners quality apart from homes without the additional inspections.”


Termites & Asbestos

While you may think everything inside the house is covered, a home inspection does not always reveal the potential dangers of termites and asbestos.

Asbestos is a set of six toxic, naturally-occurring silicate minerals previously used widely in construction still today!! You may want to hire us to test for asbestos in addition to your home inspection. Products including pipe covering, tiling, wall and flooring materials, attic insulation, window putty, door gaskets and roofing materials have all been identified as potential asbestos carriers. Living with it can cause respiratory diseases like mesothelioma and lung cancer — and may take 20 to 50 years to manifest.

And when it comes to termites, you can look for your mud tubs and wood damage on your own, or hire an extermination professional. If you suspect your future property could be in danger of an infestation, it’s important not to delay in getting inspected. Termites cause an estimated $50 billion in damage to buildings and homes in 49 of the 50 states every year. In the State of Washington a SPI License is needed to inspect for termites, a home inspection license does not allow this type of reporting and is not legal without a SPI control number in the report.

Remember that your home inspection may be different depending on your property features and location. For instance, there are no termites in Alaska, but you may have other specific concerns about pipe freezing or energy generators. No matter what it is that you find important, make sure your inspection will reveal the information you need. Unless you have negotiated a special agreement with the home’s seller, you will have to pay for the few hundred dollars an inspection costs. 

PNWIG is State licensed for termites and State accredited for Asbestos!!

Ready to buy in the Bellevue area? 

From new construction single family, condos or duplexes, any home your considering purchasing should have a thorough inspection. Schedule a Bellevue pre-purchase inspection and let us find potential items that may factor into your buying decision. Our reports give buyers leverage in renegotiating the sale price, or allows our clients to request repairs performed prior to closing.

Bellevue Commercial Building Inspections

Bellevue commercial property involves a much more significant cost factor than residential real-estate. Building construction materials and building code are different from standard residential construction. PNWIG inspects building from major high rise building to your local small chain retail store and manufacturing warehouse.

Pacific Northwest Inspections Group Bellevue commercial building inspectors can offer the highest level of thoroughness in the State of Washington. Our inspectors use infrared thermography on every inspection and can offer everything from sewer scopes to site environmental assessments. With use of out thermal image cameras and high end moisture meters we help eliminate possible water leaks in the structure that may have otherwise been overlooked.

Mold Testing

PNWIG provides both Commercial and Residential mold testing services. Insurance companies agree that any building with a mold problem can lead into high dollar remediation. Not only is toxic mold clean up expensive but it can also create health issues. PNWIG performs only the mold testing and not remediation. We are an independent company with our only interest is reporting the building current conditions. If your building is suspect to a mold issue give our office a call to schedule one of our certified specialist to perform a thorough inspection.

Bellevue EIFS & Stucco Siding Inspections

You may have hear theses exact words "Buyer Beware of a EIFS Home". We have and to an extent it is true we like to think of it as "Buyer Get An Inspection" more than often it is the installation of the products that create water intrusion into these homes with EIFS siding materials. Many times this product get mis labeled with the standard hard coat stucco. In either case a thorough siding inspection is wise. Our trained inspectors use state of the art tolls designed to help detect water intrusion into the EIFS material and report on all areas not installed according to manufacture design. With years of inspecting experience we are the trusted EIFS firm in the Bellevue,WA area. Our intense knowledge of building materials is key to protecting your investment .