Electrical Roof Mast Flashing

Author: Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, LLC   Date: 19-Nov-2013.   Category: Electrical, Roofing   Add to Favorites 

Sealing a Roof Mast

A very common roof leak is at the electrical mast, especially as the building roof ages.The original flashing installed over the electrical mast pipe before all the electrical connections are installed makes a very good weather tight seal. However with subsequent roof replacements, new flashings are very difficult to install. The most common mistake made during roof replacement is not replacing this flashing. There are many manufactures that make these retro fit flashing kits but for some reason roofer do not stock these. So, what you end up with is caulk or tar over the old flashings and to keep the water out. New flashings are in our option the only option when having your roof replaced. Settling for anything else will result is a water leak sooner than later.

Sealing Roof Mast Cables

 When it comes to sealing direct roof connections such as satellites, roof mast cables and antennas the use of roof sealing pads are needed to provide the best option for sealing these roof covering entry points. Some will use RTV gasket sealer, tar, silicone caulking or a latex caulk, which over time will fail so this method becomes more of a yearly maintenance item. It is recommended that every year you have your roof professionally inspected. If maintenance service is not performed you will have water intrusion which can lead to building material decay, mold and carpenter/moisture ant issues.