Commonly Used Formaldehyde Products

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There are multiple sources of formaldehyde that contribute to levels detected in indoor air. These additional sources include cigarette smoking, wood burning stoves and fireplaces, new carpeting, wood paneling, new mattresses, particle board, and wooden furniture and cabinets. An additional source of formaldehyde is from hair care products, especially hair straighteners. Certain manufacturers include an ingredient listed as methylene glycol (CAS 463-57-0). The product may have as much as 10% of this ingredient. This ingredient is actually a stabilized form of formaldehyde.

In simplified terms, when formaldehyde is added to water, a reaction occurs and methylene glycol is formed. This is known as a formalin solution. The formaldehyde, water, and methylene glycol exist in an equilibrium mixture, meaning that the reaction is reversible. Methylene glycol is the predominant component at room temperature. However, when heat is applied to this mixture, such as with a hair dryer or hair-straightening device, formaldehyde is formed, which can result in unhealthy indoor air quality. This is particularly a concern in hair salons, where stylists and clients are possibly exposed to elevated formaldehyde levels for extended time periods. OSHA issued a Hazard Alert regarding this issue in 2011 (

This issue is particularly confusing for consumers because some hair care product labels promote the fact that the product is “formaldehyde free”. The safety arm of the European Commission has begun to ban these formulations and several products have also been banned in California, but in general, products containing methylene glycol still exist and the buyer must beware of the potential health risks involved. Formaldehyde Testing Seattle

Some additional products containing Formaldehyde:

DAP Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone, All Colors   [Home maintenance]

  • DAP Fast N Final Lightweight Spackling, Ready-to-Use-03/17/2009   [Home maintenance]
  • DAP Patch Stick Nail Hole & Crack Filler, Ready-to-Use-01/31/2006   [Home maintenance]
  • Flood CWF Hardwoods, Clear Wood Finish for Hardwoods, Natural Tone   [Home maintenance]
  • Flood CWF Hardwoods, Clear Wood Finish for Hardwoods, Cedar Tone   [Home maintenance]
  • Tetra Pond Barley & Peat Extract   [Landscape/Yard]
  • DAP Elastopatch Smooth Flexible Patching Compound, Ready-to-Use   [Home maintenance]
  • Tetra Aquarium AquaSafe for Goldfish   [Pet Care]
  • Tetra Aquarium Betta Safe   [Pet Care]
  • Tetra Aquarium Aqua Safe with Bio Extract   [Pet Care]
  • DAP Kwik Seal Tub & Tile Adhesive Caulk, All Colors-05/23/2008   [Home maintenance]
  • DAP Kwik Seal Tub & Tile Adhesive Caulk, Clear   [Home maintenance]
  • DAP Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone, Clear   [Home maintenance]
  • Tetra Pond Fish Treatment   [Pet Care]
  • Tetra Aquarium Plant FloraPride-08/17/2007   [Pet Care]
  • DAP Dynaflex 230 Premium Indoor and Outdoor Sealant, Clear   [Home maintenance]
  • Formica Brand Kitchen & Bath Caulk   [Home maintenance]
  • Quikrete Concrete Repair   [Landscape/Yard]
  • Thoroclear Water Based Sealer   [Home maintenance]
  • DAP Latex Window Glazing Paste   [Home maintenance]
  • Rejuvenol Chocolate Brazilian Keratin Treatment   [Personal care]
  • Thoro Super Quickseal-05/07/2001   [Home maintenance]
  • Power Master 4-Stroke Model Engine Fuels   [Arts & Crafts]
  • Power Master Mean and Gree Model Engine Fuels   [Arts & Crafts]
  • Power Master Premium Sport Model Engine Fuels   [Arts & Crafts]
  • Power Master Power Blend Model Engine Fuel   [Arts & Crafts]
  • Red Devil Onetime Lightweight Spackling-02/18/2010   [Home maintenance]
  • Red Devil Onetime Lighten Up Lightweight Spackling   [Home maintenance]
  • Georgia Pacific Featherweight All Purpose Compound   [Home maintenance]
  • Thoroseal Redi Mix Paint   [Home maintenance]
  • Duron Genesis Odor Free Interior Latex Flat, White Base-Old Product   [Home maintenance]
  • Pyroil Windshield Washer Antifreeze   [Auto Products]
  • Pyroil Gas Line Antifreeze   [Auto Products]
  • Pyroil Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner   [Auto Products]
  • Klean-Strip Brush Cleaner, VOC Compliant   [Home maintenance]
  • Pyroil Windshield Deicer   [Auto Products]
  • Pyroil 50/50 Windshield Washer Fluid   [Auto Products]
  • Jasco Semi-Paste Varnish & Stain Remover   [Home maintenance]
  • Klean-Strip Paint Stripper After Wash   [Home maintenance]
  • Klean-Strip Strip-X Stripper   [Home maintenance]
  • Klean-Strip Premium Sprayable Stripper   [Home maintenance]
  • Klean-Strip Graffiti Remover-old product   [Home maintenance]
  • Klean-Strip Premium Stripper, Aerosol   [Home maintenance]
  • Jasco Brushable Semi-Paste Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover   [Arts & Crafts]
  • Klean-Strip KS-3 Premium Stripper   [Home maintenance]
  • Klean-Strip Adhesive Remover   [Inside the Home]
  • Klean-Strip Brush Cleaner   [Home maintenance]
  • Pyroil Carb and Choke Cleaner   [Auto Products]
  • Klean-Strip Klean Kutter   [Home maintenance]
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