Caulking / Grout on counter backsplash, Does it matter?

Author: Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, LLC   Date: 12-Sep-2014.   Category: Plumbing   Add to Favorites 

Lets jump right into the issues it can cause. Caulking on counters prevent water from entering into the building materials. Water intrusion can cause hidden mold and structural damage to drywall, cabinets, subfloor and other building materials.

The image on the right shows damage from a counter that was removed that prior to removal showed little signs of water damage. It wasn't until the counters and backsplash were removed that the true the extent of the damage was reviled.

As you can see, the majority of the damage was hidden and during a home inspection the true extent of damage could not have been determined without an intrusive inspection. In most cases the buyer may end up having to deal with this issue on their own. It is not practical to assume all counters with failed caulking have damage to this extent or we would be prying apart a lot of homes prior to purchase. Slight water damage is very common under sinks. Not only from failed caulking but stored items and drain leaks.


How to Caulk a Backsplash How to Caulk a Backsplash (83 KB) 

How to properly caulk a backsplash.