Asbestos and Your Health

Author: Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, LLC   Date: 25-Nov-2013.   Category: Asbestos   Add to Favorites 

Did you know the word Asbestos is derived from the Greek adjective meaning inextinguishable?

It was referred to as the "Miracle Mineral" by the Greeks. Today it is referred to as "Cancer".

With all the new laws and codes in place today Asbestos is still allowed in building materials and can be found in many products available at your local home improvement store. Sad thing is you most likely will not know it when you buy it and once it is installed you need to follow all State Law on removal and disposal of the materials. In some cases even pay for a licensed Asbestos contractor for removal.

Plan on doing any remodeling? All remodeling projects are required to have an AHERA certified inspector perform an Asbestos inspection with sampling prior to any work being done. Here in the Seattle, WA area there will also be a 10 day wait before work can begin and Puget Sound Clean Air must be contacted along with an application for work must be filled out and filed. Application cost is $30.00.

Homeowners are allowed to work on their own home but will need a licensed contractor for any rental property or if they do not occupy the home themselves.

Asbestos looks like it will still be used for some time now. The city "Asbestos" located in Canada is opening up a new mine and should have production in 2012. Should we expect more Asbestos in building materials? maybe...better read the label!

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