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Lead Paint Testing Bellevue
We Specialize in XRF Lead Paint Testing
Property Owners, Sellers, Buyers, Contractors & Management Groups
Asbestos Testing Seattle
We Inspect with Team Knowledge & Expertise
- AHERA Asbestos Surveys -
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Mold IAQ Inspection
Mold & Indoor Air Quality Sampling Services
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State Certified Lead Paint and Accredited Asbestos Inspectors

We offer XRF Lead paint testing along with AHERA Asbestos testing. Serving the Seattle area for both Commercial and Residential building owners, property management, buyers, sellers and lenders. We are a Washington State Section 8 Lead Paint Survey Inspection Firm. Any questions with Lead Paint safety email or call us and one our our State Licensed Lead Risk Assessors will be happy to answer all of your Lead Paint concerns. Call us for an appointment today.

Sewer Camera Inspection

We provide professional sewerscope inspections complete with sewer site maps and ground markings. This sewer service is not just for buyers but home owners, commercial building management, property management and contractors as well. Video services are most critical on the older Seattle area home. Many Bellevue and Seattle sewer systems are old and nearing or at its end of life. Replacement cost can be in the thousands. Visit our Services page to learn more on how a sewer camera video inspection can protect your housing or commercial building investment. 

EMF Surveys

We use the best EMF / RF meters available to the professional EMF surveyor in the industry. No entry level DIY meters!! The problem with cheap meters is they can not determine what frequency is causing the readings, offer 3D directional scanning or frequency tuning. Just to mention a few drawdbacks and without this data your tossing your money away. Is it a low frequency or a high frequency? Does your survey include RF or just an EMF test? What report format is issued? We offer complete data logging surveys and property plot mapping. Read our EMF blogs for more info on EMF testing.

Indoor Environmental Specialist

Complete mold, allergen and VOC testing. LEED and IAQ problem solving. Pacific Northwest Inspections Group specializes in solving IAQ mold related issues and water intrusion issues that can lead to building damage and health issues for both commercial and residential occupants. CompleteResidential Housing and Commercial Builings PEL AQ surveys for exposure limits. Air sampling for Lead, Asbestos, Fiberglass and other airborne particles. Some of our past clients - Washington State Board of Health, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, Microsoft, Car Toys, Boeing, Roll Royce, Sprint and other major corporate office buildings. Improving housing and office working and living environments for all of the Seattle,WA area. Providing you with our past 25yrs of onsite Indoor Air Quality problem solving, experience is something that is learned hands on. Call us for an appointment today.

House Inspections

Homebuyers are not the only people who hire our Washington State Licensed Inspectors. Homesellers also use us to gain knowledge of the condition of their home before placing it on the market. Smart homesellers know that knowledge about their home’s condition makes the selling process more palatable. Homebuyers, homesellers or anyone that wants to make an informed decision about a house based on objective information deserves an professional Home Inspection. Our Home inspection services cover all of Bellevue, Renton, Mercer Island, Kirkland, Redmond,Woodinville and all of the Seattle area.

Rental Property Inspection

We are a State approved Seattle RRIO , Lakewood, Tukwila and Renton City inspection requirements. Call us for pricing info on Seattle rental housing inspections.The Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) was established by the Seattle City Council to help rental tenants living in unsatisfactory conditions. RRIO helps ensure that all rental housing in Seattle is in compliance with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Housing Quality Standards. All rental property owners in Seattle, Renton, Tukwila and Lakewood must register their properties with the City. The Renton Housing Authority just recently went to a biennial inspection format.



State Licensed Inspectors

Pacific Northwest Inspections is proud to provide residential and commercial inspections to property owners throughout the Greater Seattle area. Because we are a professional building and home inspection company, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction above all else. Regardless of the type of building you own, we inspect every aspect of your property. Performing thorough, comprehensive and timely building inspections, our services include:

• Radon Testing
EMF Testing
• Energy Audits
• Housing Inspection
• Commercial Building Inspection
• Lead Paint Testing
• Lead Paint Risk Assessments
• AHERA Asbestos Testing
• Air Quality Testing
• Mold Inspection
• Seattle RRIO Inspections
• SewerScope - Sewer Video
• Chimney Liner Inspection
• Structural Pest / Termite Inspections

Don’t see what you are looking for? Find a full list of our inspections on our services page. We have over 25 years of experience, in addition to the resources and skills needed to take on any job. Our inspection team is Washington State licensed, accredited and certified. Our number one priority is to ensure you live and work in a safe environment.

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